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Outdoor Movies in Owensboro, Tell City, Evansville, Jasper & Surrounding areas.

Why Should I hold an Outdoor Movie?

Outdoor Movies are a fun, family friendly activity that can be enjoyed by everyone!  It is a great way to bring family, friends and communities together and provides a unique Big Screen experience for all ages!

Are concessions available?

Full-service popcorn packages are available for your movie night. . This means that we bring a popcorn machine and we will pop, bag and serve popcorn.

​​​​What about Rain or Wind?

If it rains or is windy on the evening of your event, we will try to reschedule. If a rescheduled date is not possible, we will refund your deposit. (We use an inflatable movie screen so wind will be a factor.)

Do I need a License?

If it is a Private showing at your home, then NO, no license is required.

However, for a Public showing, then YES, a license is needed.

Night Sky Outdoor Cinema can assist you with obtaining a license.

The License fee is determined by the size of the audience, and which movie is being shown.

What time should the movie start?

The ideal time would be approximately 10 minutes after sundown. However, 10 minutes before sundown is possible. Local sunset times can be found at sunrisesunset.com.

Can we show advertisements before the movie?

Absolutley! Sponsors are a great way to offset the cost of Movie Night.



  Night Sky Outdoor Cinema provides Outdoor Movies in Owensboro, Tell City, Evansville, Jasper & Surrounding Areas.